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Corporate Personal Safety Talk for your Staff 

Corporate Personal Safety Talk
Corporate Personal Safety Talks

Personal Safety London have been teaching and training UK Companies in staff safety for 15 years. We know how fundamental Personal Safety is to Wellness and truly believe personal safety education should be included in all good corporate wellbeing programmes.

By removing fear in every day to day life, we enable people to flourish.

"I have organised a number of “Wellness” sessions over the past few years and this one was the best attended. The session was incredibly informative and delivered so well."

Our Personal Safety Awareness Talks are uplifting, inspiring, thought provoking, empowering, highly informative and engaging. Far beyond the dry lists of do's and don'ts these talks educate your staff in vital Security Principles and Protocols which they can use for life.

Staff leave sessions with a new more empowering perspective, equipped with vital information and tools they can easily and instantly apply to their everyday behaviours and travel.

"It was a brilliant session and all the team loved it"
"Enjoyable and inspiring! Brilliant instructors with a depth of knowledge and understanding"

By taking 90 mins over a lunch-time or after work to gather your workforce and book a Corporate Personal Safety Talk for your staff, in-person (preferably) or online, you can provide your workforce with the following benefits:

  • Staff learn practical tools which can be instantly applied to increase safety in their day to day lives.

  • The key behavioural protocols we teach increase prevention and last for life. They are timeless security principles which once taught are lifelong lifeskills.

  • Staff leave sessions with a greater level of awareness, a new mindset, greater strategic thinking and more confidence. In some cases this brings about relief where fear has become a daily experience, which we often see in corporate workforces in London.

  • Our learning sessions provide an opportunity for staff to have all their questions and concerns answered by experts.

  • Bringing staff together in the format of our interactive Talks enables colleagues to feel supported by each other as well as knowing they have our support when then need it. This empowers and reassures. 

"Today I had the great luck to experience one of your courses where I work. I found it not only extremely useful but truly inspiring."

To book a Corporate Personal Safety Talk for your staff today contact us at 

For more information on our multi award-winning Corporate Self Defence Training email us now or visit our websites and further articles posting on this page.

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