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Cyber security

Cyber security

Cyber Security 

Educational Corporate Training  |  Corporate Services  |  Private Services


We bring a practical, supportive and educational approach to your Cyber Security.

Reduce risk, empower your workforces for better prevention and detection, increase stability.


  • Educational Seminars and Staff Talks 

  • Expert Pen Testing and Ethical Hacking

  • Highly Confidential Consulting and Advising

Staff Training   


CPDs, Talks & Seminars


Educational 1 Hour Talks and 2 Hour Seminars. Engage your staff with vital Cyber Security Education.

Our teams come to you and train your staff onsite in vital awareness, prevention and detection methods, improving staff personal habits and workplace protocols to increase your company's cyber security from within.

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Travel Cyber Safety


Vital to staff safety and corporate business stability is a key understanding of how individuals or staff teams can travel safely both physically and virtually. As a key element of our Travel Safety Programme, Travel Cyber Safety teaches you and your teams safe protocols, do's and don'ts for before, during and after travel. 

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Corporate Support Services 




Highly Confidential business consulting and advising. 

Our teams work hand in hand with you to assess the current vulnerabilities, to help educate your staff, install positive safer protocols and workplace behaviours and to bring about a better understanding and control of your workplace and cyber safety.

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Code on Laptop Computer

Penetration Testing


Our Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking experts work with you to maintain financial and data safety, provide due diligence and compliance to industry regulators, customers and shareholders and to help your business maintain consumer confidence. Book a confidential pre-contract consultation with our team.

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Fields of Expertise:

Educational Cyber Safety

Travel Cyber Safety

Lifestyle Cyber Safety

Penetration Testing 

Ethical Hacking

Password Protection

Wrap around Security Care

Prevention, Detection and Response

Advising & Consulting


Private Advising

Foreign Business Consulting

Executive Training

Corporate Staff Training

International Business & Travel

Staff Safety

Workplace Stability

Security Assessments


Bookings can be made by companies, departments or individuals.
How to Book:     
  1. Contact us by phone or email: 0203 642 0872 or

  2. We'll help advise on learning and services which are right for you.

  3. For learning select dates for delivery, for services we'll arrange a date for you to meet with one of our consultants. 

  4. We'll send you a booking pack.

  5. Confirm your booking and our teams will be scheduled, ready to work with you.



> Know best practices for keeping your data and infrastructure safe


> Learn how to early-detect threat and what to do 


> Benefit from expert advice, support, and technical 


What is Social Engineering in Cyber Security?
Learn about Social Engineering and Cyber Security, the latest trends, what to look out for, the best practices to follow and more.
Contact our team for learning now.
What is 3 Pen Testing?
3 Pen Testing is our Penetration Testing at the 3 layers of prevention:
  • People
  • Places
  • Systems
Contact our team now for how we can help.
Email our team: 
Call on:
0203 642 0872                 

Private Services

Lifestyle Cyber Safety
Our Team work with you discretely to assist you in the cyber safety of your:
  • Home Systems
  • Vehicles
  • Yachts
  • Private jets
  • Family online safety
  • Children's online safety
  • Domestic staff use of tech
  • Private business communications
Highly Confidential Consulting
We offer our clients highly discrete services with wrap around security care for you, your business and family. From family safety to business stability, home safety to travelling abroad.
Speak to one of our Security Directors for advice on how we can help.
All our services are available internationally.
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