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Corporate Travel Safety

Corporate Travel Safety




Learn vital self defence for travelling to your location.


Prepare & pack properly, carry correct documents & get the knowledge you need.


Know how to avoid risk and what to do in an emergency.

Travel Safety                            "Excellent. Very helpful and thorough"  Lebara

Business Travel | Personal Travel | Gap Year Safety | Hostile Territories


All PSL travel safety includes expert travel self defence training as well as the usual trip checks, risk assessments, medical and wellbeing advice, safety protocols, advice on packing, documentation guides plus regional and cultural specifics. Comprehensive all-round preparation.


  • Talks, Seminars

  • Workshops, One Day Courses

Corporate and Private Travel Lounge

Travel Self Defence


1 Hour Talks

2 Hour Interactive Seminars

3 Hour Worshops

Intensive Half Days


  • Travel self defence

  • Risk assessments & trip preparation

  • Safety protocols & advice

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Hostile Environments


Half Day & One Day Courses

  • Specialist physical defence

  • Psychological training

to safely navigate, cope within and remove yourself from hostile environments. 

Absolutely critical for those going off the beaten track or working within high risk environments.       


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Medical Training


High Risk & Remote Medical training


  • how to avoid falling ill abroad

  • protocols for carrying meds abroad

  • what to do during medical emergency


Training at your place of work or arranged venue.

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Travel Files


The very popular PSL Travel File is now available for download for use by individuals or groups.


  • Usable for every trip

  • Travel File Template & Checklist

  • Easy to follow instructions 

  • Ideal for travelling at home or abroad                           

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Solo, Private & Families


Half Day and Full Day Intensives prepare you or your family for safe travelling abroad.

Practical and vital Travel prep, highly effective physical Travel Self Defence. Understand how to avoid and respond to current global issues, build Travel Files, know what to pack and what to do in an emergency.


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Person Rolling Suitcase in Airport

Travel Cyber Safety


Vital to both individual and business safety is a key understanding of how to travel safely both physically and virtually. As a key element of our Travel Safety Programme, Travel Cyber Safety teaches you safe protocols, do's and don'ts for before, during and after travel.          Educational seminars and online consulting.   


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Carrying Kit


What to carry and how to carry it safely. Learn top tips from our frequently travelling travel safety team in what to pack, how to keep your belongings safely, what documents to carry, how to protect your identity and what to do in the case of an emergency. 

Go-bags, kit lists and med kit lists available on request.

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Travel Companions


To avoid potential problems with travelling alone or with a travel companion you don't know very well we offer our

Secure Travel Companion services:

  • Travel with a vetted travel companion

  • Be accompanied on your trip by a highly qualified security operative from one of the UK's top organisations                                                       

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Travel Safety
  • Travel self defence
  • What to pack
  • Medical & wellbeing advice
  • Vital safety protocols
  • Regional advice
  • Cultural advice
  • Travel checklists
  • Travel files
  • Emergency protocols
Corporate Travel Safety
Travel Safety specialising for staff traveling for work or for companies who wish their staff to be safe and prepared whilst holidaying abroad.
Highly recommended for staff working for firms who may be targeted for economic kidnap and for those operating in risk regions.
Solo, Private & Family Travel
Designed to your individual needs and itinerary. For:
  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Private Groups                                                         
Hostile Environments
Expert preparation training including defence against weapon threat, evacuation and safety protocols, anti-kidnap and emergency response training.
Medical Advice
All our training includes physical self defence and medical and wellbeing advice. High risk medics are available on requests to both accompany your team and provide specialist training.
  • General wellbeing advice
  • Medical advice 
  • Specialist Medical training
  • High Risk Medics
Specialist Kit 
Speak with equipment specialists to bring you the latest news on equipment, kit and advice on what works best for travelling:
  • GPS Trackers 
  • Communication devices                                             
Vetted Travel Companions
For those traveling alone and wish a travel companion to join them we have opened our new secure vetted travel companion service as well as offering the provision of 
qualified CP bodyguards, sourced from one of the UK's top organisations.
  • Vetted travel companion
  • Secure chaperoning (bodyguard chaperone)                                           
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