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Personal Safety Self Defence

Personal Safety Self Defence

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Personal Safety  |  Security  |  Corporate Defence  |  Expert Self Defence


Very highly trained Male and Female Instructors. Expert Security Teams. Fully insured, CRB checked. PSL are specialists in their fields.

Teaching and advising on all aspects of personal safety, personal and company self defence.

Provision of expert security services. 

Services for:











Government Staff



Talks and seminars at your place of work, school, organisation or for part of your event.

Lunchtime or afterwork engaging, empowering and interactive talks designed to rapidly increase the knowledge and awareness of your staff or guests.


"Very engaging and informative" - HS2






Training is practical, effective and carefully taught through distilled principles for application to a range of scenarios. Interactive, engaging and suitable for all ages and levels, your training is delivered to you by highly trained experts.


Learn self defence for living in the UK, self defence specifically designed for travelling abroad and how to cope in hostile environments. Medical, wellbeing, lifestyle and confidence training all included. 


"Brilliant instructors with a depth of knowledge and understanding." - Exxon Mobil



Seminars are interactive private group sessions designed to equip you with new ways of thinking and strategising as well as imparting vital information to you. Ideal for CPD or lunchtime staff or student development.



Workshops are 2 or 3 Hours Physical and Theory training to upskill your group, boost confidence and awareness. 


Half Day & One Day Intensives

For more specialist training and preparation we recommend half day and one day intensive courses. These can take place at your organisation, at a venue near your organistation or at one of our suggested locations. 

High end international options for private groups and executive meetings and conferences.


"This is workplace training at it's very best." - HMRC






Advising is available at all levels, to private individuals, groups and organisations.

Speak with us about your concerns in a highly discrete environment with confidentiality guaranteed, and receive expert supportive advice and direction, including any training and ongoing assistance you need.



Coaching offers discrete and personalised advising to individuals and executives via online or one to one consulting with one of our team leaders.


"Extremely knowledgeable and professional" - BSQP


Security Services


Leaders in their fields in military and civilian security running teams of highly trained and hand-picked personnel selected from the UK's top in private, corporate, civilian and ex-military security.


Highly Discreet Consultations

Contact us for highly confidential free telephone consultations to discuss how we can help you.


"One of the best experiences I have had with a security team" - Red Bull Events

Corporate Training

Corporate Defence, Staff Training & Travel Safety


Families' Self Defence

Highly recommended Family Training programmes 


Schools Safety
Curriculum for Schools & Universities 
Private Lessons
One to One training and
Private Group Training 


Travel Safety
Gap Year Safety and Solo Travel Abroad
Specialist Defence
Defence Security Advising & Advanced Training
Wellbeing & Recovery
Wellbeing, Stress Management, Mindset, Stress Prevention and PTSD recovery

For more information on:

Personal Safety London
Personal Safety
Self Defence
Specialist Defence
To train visit our Private lessons and Corporate training pages

What is Self Defence?


Self Defence is often misunderstood as an agressive response to a physical attack, when in fact the subject spans a far greater spectrum of human behaviour and the lead up to volatile or premeditated scenarios. With a greater understanding of how situations evolve and why behaviours are played out we can better equip ourselves to avoid, defend and cope.


Our teams are highly trained in practical physical training but also highly schooled in the psychology of attack and the physics of risk situations. We're here to both impart that knowledge and train you in the skills sets we have acquired.


Quality of Life


Quality of life is paramount for succesful performance and balanced living. Understanding the right to safety whilst owning the skills to ensure it are contributers to a better quality of life. Both help to boost confidence, remove fear mindsets and increase overall wellbeing and productivity.


Both our saftey and wellbeing training aim to empower each individual with key life skills to help you experience a better quality of living, and as a result, have a more positive impact on those you work with, live with, teach and care for.





FREE telephone consultation



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