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The Benefits of Corporate Self Defence

Corporate self defence

Corporate Personal Safety & Self Defence Workshops

At Personal Safety London our staff and teams know from their own training that Self Defence and Personal Safety, if studied properly, is one of the most empowering and strategic subjects you can train in as a foundation for acquiring prevention capabilities, awareness, physical safety, response capabilities and for building physical, emotional and mental resilience and wellbeing. Why?

Personal Safety and Security are basic human needs. As with all human needs, we need to acquire the capabilities of getting those needs met. This means taking the time and self-care to train, learn, become educated, up-skill and apply the associated human behaviours which bring about those needs being met.

Human needs are met by acquiring the necessary associated skills and capabilities, and applying those acquired tools to life via daily behaviours.

Interestingly in the matrix of human needs, Safety and Security is often the one category which people leave to someone else to provide for them. This outsourcing (or subconscious removal from the self-responsibility framework) raises fundamental issues for the individual which often present as a lack of confidence through to regular and often daily experience of fear; something we see a lot of within corporate workforces travelling to and from work, whether that be in the UK or abroad. Living with fear (at any level) is a debilitator; it undermines wellbeing, confidence and performance.

By removing fear on a day to day basis, we enable individuals to flourish.

By equipping ourselves in personal safety and security skills and knowledge we benefit directly in that category of needs, and further positively benefit in other areas of life too.

"Today I had the great luck to experience one of your courses where I work. I found it not only extremely useful but truly inspiring."
"It was fantastic and very informative. It was very well taught. This was a great session, thank you. Eye-opening and very useful"
"I have learnt a great deal from every session I have attended, which has given me confidence not only at work but also in general life as well."

Corporate Staff Training: Learning and Up-skilling

Our Personal Safety Talks and Corporate Self Defence Workshops are expertly built to deliver the most empowering and skills-based teaching possible in the time we have with our corporate clients.

Corporate Training in general, by nature, exists of small windows of opportunity to pull full workforces together and away from their desks, so over 15 years of delivering Corporate Education in Learning & Development we've built teaching solutions which work for staff and for the economy of the company employing them.

Effective, concise and enormously inspiring, these learning deliveries enable staff to instantly acquire the tools and core skills we use in our own work in private international security and in our UK ground operations.

"Enjoyed very much. Very informative. Excellent teachers. Well explained with good focus on principles which can be applied across multiple scenarios. Superb course, really well done."
"Extremely knowledgeable and professional. Thanks very much."
"Very useful techniques. Thoroughly enjoyed, I learnt so much. The teacher was amazing! Very clear strong advice. Thank you, great workshop."

What's Included

As well as teaching expert corporate self defence physical skills, included in the training are teachings on contextual social trends, strategic thinking and psychology training, physiology and the neuroscience of why people behave in certain ways.

"We address thinking patterns, assumptions, learnt behaviours, social and cultural conditions, the neuroscience behind why people respond in particular ways and the psychology involved in the most common scenarios." Personal Safety London Team

Your Physical training is taught with an intelligent and strategic disengagement mindset using tried and tested physical defence techniques which all levels of abilities can learn. The Instructor Team is multi-award winning, internationally renowned and operational in live security projects, so corporate staff attendees can feel free to ask current and relevant questions and get up to the minute solutions and answers for issues in the UK and abroad.

"Our Educational & Operational aspect brings an educational underpinning to our Operations and an operational knowledge-flow to our Education. At Personal Safety London we've been teaching Corporate Defence & Security training globally for over 15 years now and every session is updated to include the information we are gleaming that week from the work we do in international security, the work we do with the UK media and our research: this information is continuously fed through to our clients via our Corporate Workshops and Talks and that's important; for the educational curriculum to be continuously relevant and our support to always be available." Personal Safety London Founder

Personal Safety London Awards:

  • Best Corporate Training & Research Award 2024

  • Most Client Focused Corporate Training Company Award 2023

  • Corporate Training Services of the Year Award 2023

  • Best Strategic Training Solutions Award 2022

  • Corporate Training Company of The Year Award 2020

  • Best Corporate Training Company Award 2019

How to Learn

Taught in 2 Hour Workshops, our Corporate Self Defence Training takes place at your offices at a time which suits you. Training is thoughtfully designed to be easily planned into the working day and for the maximum information-retention for your staff.

You can book a one-off Workshop or Talk, or a series of Workshops and Lunch & Learn Seminars for delivery at a time which suits you.

Our sessions are fully insured, with all paperwork and staff-engagement and training-measuring material provided so all you have to do is select a date.

Simply email us via and we'll arrange a call to discuss or email answers to your questions.

"Brilliant instructors with a depth of knowledge and understanding"
"This is high level training in an intelligent environment"
"This is workplace training at its very best"


Corporate Staff who attend our training report the following benefits:

  • a relief from fear and improvement of awareness, confidence and wellbeing

  • a better understanding of what to do to avoid risk situations

  • a better understanding of why people perpetrate

  • a clearer ability to respond during emergency situations

  • a better understanding of how to remove themselves from difficult or uncomfortable situations

  • a feeling of being supported because of the provision of the training and the ongoing support available

  • a feeling of better bonding with the colleagues they attended the training with

  • improvement in other areas of life

Over the years we have been contacted by numerous workshop attendees who reported the training had saved them.


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