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Personal Safety Staff Support Sessions

Personal Safety & Security Advice Sessions
Personal Safety & Security Advice Sessions

Benefit from our highly confidential and award-winning personal safety and security advice via our new supportive, accessible and highly affordable Staff Support Sessions - new to 2024.

Our new Staff Support Sessions offer your staff the opportunity to book 30 mins / 60 mins private personal safety and security advice sessions with us individually or in groups to gain support. These are highly useful for staff members who:

  • have experienced an incident and need some specific support and advice.

  • who are currently under threat or feel at risk of threat

  • who have particular security concerns they wish to address outside of a group staff training

  • who are attending a particular event or travelling to a location which raises concern

This option is also useful for corporate Leaders and teaching staff to learn in a private environment away from group training, and for companies and schools who do not have a budget for Safety Training but need support.

Sessions are run mostly online (in-person sessions are available), and are highly confidential opportunities to connect with our experts on any security topic in a supportive, private and helpful environment.

If we can help you with any of the above, arrange a free initial call to discuss at: 

For more information on our multi award-winning Personal Safety Awareness Talks and Self Defence Training email us now or visit our websites, blogs and further articles posting on this page.

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