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Personal Safety Talks & Schools Personal Safety Curriculum

Personal Safety London launches the Educating Safety Schools Curriculum Pack in which they give Schools, Colleges and Universities throughout the UK their award-winning Personal Safety Talks, Courses and Programmes to teach to their pupils, students, teachers and staff.

personal safety talks and school safety curriculum

The move by Personal Safety London as the latest in their Knowledge Share of teaching out all of their specialist core knowledge, personal safety and security expertise, comes as a welcome support to schools and educational institutions struggling to handle the personal safety issues experienced by their students and staff in the UK today.

Kirsty Henderson, Personal Safety London's leader says "We've taken all the information from our personal safety talks, courses, programmes which we have been teaching and delivering in schools for 15 years and created this hand-over curriculum to empower schools and most importantly achieve wide-spread distribution of vital and life-saving Personal Safety Education throughout the country."

With a one-off fee, the curriculum packs can be bought by schools and used for years to come: annual updates of the latest trends are available, alongside optional support such as Teacher Training, Call-in Support, Self Defence Training and visits from Security Experts to talk to your pupils, staff, students and parents.

"The point of this part of our Knowledge Share is to enable all schools in the country to benefit from our expertise, at a price which is much cheaper than it would cost for our teams to visit and teach at each school. In this way there really are no barriers for schools to have our personal safety talks and personal safety curriculum available to all their pupils, and we are here on-hand to support teaching staff and visit schools to help when needed."

Personal Safety London's award-winning teaching teams travel the length of the country teaching in schools, colleges and universities around the UK to deliver their superb Seminars, Talks and Interactive Self Defence Workshops. For schools who want to keep their budgets to an absolute minimum their EDUCATING SAFETY Schools Curriculum Pack means no school will miss out.

To take part and order a curriculum pack for your school today contact Personal Safety London's education team on

personal safety talks and schools safety curriculum

Personal Safety Talks, Self Defence & Security for Schools

Personal Safety Talks
Self Defence Training
Staff & Parents Personal Safety Talks
Teacher Training
Incident Response & Support
Security Advising

The team provide award-winning Personal Safety Talks, Self Defence Workshops, Staff Training and Security Advising for schools around the country and International Schools abroad. Find out more about these services at Personal Safety London Schools.

To contact the team for general enquiries email or call their London Office on 0203 642. 0872.


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