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Security for Family Offices

Personal Safety London offers an extensive range of world-class international security services to family offices from full Security Portfolio Project Management to Incident Response and Investigations, Portfolio Cyber Security and now the team are innovatively opening their teaching up to Family Offices, sharing their own Security Procedures, Methods and Protocols.

Personal Safety London is teaching out their knowledge of Private Security Portfolio Project Managemnent to Family Offices to help estates, trusts, foundations and private families have a better understanding of what they should be expecting, and building, as a Strategic Private Security Plan. 

The Personal Safety London Leadership are highly experienced in the strategic planning and project management of international security portfolios worth hundreds of millions.

Highly seasoned in providing complex international security deployments within their carefully crafted and expertly managed solutions matrix, the Personal Safety London team have provided 15 years of professional protective and AEK solutions internationally for high profile individuals under State sponsored threat, targeted threat and families at wealth-based risk.

Family Office & Private Family International Security Services


With expertise in project managing projects worth hundreds of millions, the Personal Safety London international security solutions for family offices and private families are intricately crafted holistic and comprehensive frameworks which cover all areas of life, work, travel, tech and asset security.

This signature full-solution approach provides a structured and ordered method of training, protocols, principles and services-provision to provide complete cover and is carried out at such a client-focused level that all clients experience a highly personalised and detailed approach, with team members carefully selected specifically for them, to enable long-term trusted relationships and client peace of mind.

Project Managed by senior security professionals with 24/7 private opps rooms per client, this is an intricately detailed level of client care which Personal Safety London has become known for.

International Security Services for family offices, companies and private families are available following a highly confidential consultation. Contact the team for one today at

Lifestyle Cyber Safety & Technology


Woven throughout their solution matrix is a deep understanding of technology and cyber safety. The team hosts tech specialists, kit specialists, an expert cyber security team and have an extensive network of trusted systems suppliers used over years on client installations.

"On our team we have experienced architects, engineers, systems engineers, coders, kit, tracking and tech specialists and material specialists. This enables a unique understanding of the detailed integration of tech, systems, buildings, vehicles, vessels and comms, and an ultimate understanding that the entirety of the portfolio must work as one integrated whole." Personal Safety London Leadership Team.

For help with any / all of the below contact the team on and read more on the Family Office, Cyber Security and Specialist Security pages.

  • Home Systems

  • Buildings & Estates

  • Vehicles

  • Yachts

  • Private jets

  • Family online safety

  • Children's online safety

  • Domestic staff use of tech

  • Private business communications

Why provide training in this sector?

"In our experiences with Family Offices in the UK we often see some good security services in place in part, but not enough comprehensive joined-up thinking; the overall portfolio strategies are missing and hence it is easy to find weak spots in that client's cover.

We are also aware that we have a unique pool of talent which is not available to everyone and hence we can reach solutions which are not readily available in this sector. This training therefore helps family office leads and clients benefit from that talent and understand the methods they need to apply to ensure complete and robust cover, plus how to apply it to our level of detail. By providing the training we are able to help more people in an area where thought-leadership in this field is currently vital." Personal Safety London Leadership Team.

As part of this new programme Personal Safety London enable Family Offices and Private Families to benefit in three ways:

  1. Family Offices can offer Personal Safety London's expert and highly esteemed UK & International Security Services and Security Portfolio Management to their clients as a world-class service delivered by top UK security professionals.

  2. Family Offices can offer Personal Safety London's expert team's highly experienced oversight to their clients to help upgrade their security portfolios or assess for weaknesses, teaching principles they can apply for life.

  3. Family Offices can attend training themselves to learn the important aspects they need to be considering to provide their clients with industry-leading solutions.

Available in a series of Half Day Training programmes and Client Consultation sessions contact the team to book at



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