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Corporate Personal Safety & Security

Increase Corporate Staff Safety in 2024 
Increase Corporate Staff Safety in 2024 

Throughout 2024 and 2025 we are continuing to run our very popular corporate Personal Safety Awareness Talks, Corporate Self Defence Workshops and our Travel Safety Training for companies throughout the UK and internationally.

Some new additions for this season include our new Staff Support Sessions and our corporate Knowledge Share Programme.

"Today I had the great luck to experience one of your courses where I work. I found it not only extremely useful but truly inspiring."
"It was a brilliant session and all the team loved it"
"Brilliant presenters, information was excellent. Right mix of practice and theory. Very enjoyable as well as being serious. Really brought home how important awareness and personal safety is."

Staff Support Sessions - new to 2024

Our new Staff Support Sessions offer your corporate staff the opportunity to book 30 mins / 60 mins private advice sessions with us individually or in groups. These are highly useful for staff members who:

  • have experienced an incident and need some specific support and advice.

  • who are currently under threat.

  • who have particular security concerns they wish to address outside of a group staff training environment.

  • who are attending a particular event or travelling to a location which raises concern.

This option is also useful for Leaders to learn in a private environment away from group staff training and for companies who do not have a budget for Safety Training but need support.

Sessions are run mostly online (in-person sessions available), and are highly confidential opportunities to connect with our experts on any security topic.

Our Corporate Knowledge-Share Programme

Additional to the new Staff Support Sessions is our Knowledge Share Programme for all our corporate clients. This initiative provides extensive in-house training for your existing security teams, security department staff and for key internal staff to be up-skilled to take security positions within your company.

The programme further offers the opportunity for your key internal staff to be trained as PSL Safety & Security Ambassadors for your company, a position to which we provide ongoing support.

This open-support to companies enables you to upskill and highly improve your internal security departments without breaking the budget, and to receive expert operational planning, strategy, access and resources which would otherwise be either extremely expensive or would need to be outsourced.

This programme in particular benefits companies in the areas of:

  • Staff general safety and welfare

  • Staff international travel

  • K&R

  • Premises security

  • Cyber security

Contact us and read more about our Corporate Security Services at our corporate page and specialist security pages at 

For more information on our multi award-winning Personal Safety Awareness Talks and Corporate Self Defence Training email us now or visit our websites, blogs and further articles posting on this page.

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