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Schools Self Defence Training

Personal Safety London have been providing award-winning self defence training to schools for 15 years. Now the team are committed to get their teaching out to even more young people and have developed an innovative new solution.

self defence training

Self Defence Training, Courses & Workshops

Personal Safety London has launched an initiative to install long term sustainable personal safety and self defence training solutions in schools in Britain and internationally through an innovative new programme.


In a new initiative Personal Safety London's award winning Defence Teams are teaching their own teaching skills to School PE Teachers, to enable more personal safety and self defence training to be available for school pupils throughout the academic year.  

Personal Safety London currently provides for schools throughout the UK and abroad:

Personal Safety Talks
Self Defence Training
Staff & Parents Personal Safety Talks
Teacher Training
Incident Response & Support
Security Advising


Their innovative new addition, of training PE Teachers to become PSL Schools Defence Instructors, enables schools to roll out the Personal Safety London curriculum, with the organisation's full support, to their pupils throughout the academic year at an affordable annual cost.

"This move is an innovative solution which helps schools plan personal safety and self defence training into their annual curriculum, which is fundamental to any good school today."

To involve your school in the programme contact us at Personal Safety London Schools.


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