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Specialist Security Services

Discrete private security, protective ops, specialist training and security services.

Private Client

""Your training certainly gave me a lot more confidence and awareness in dealing with unexpectedly difficult situations so thank you very much."

Corporate Client

"Great training and very hands on not just theory. Very professional. Training provided by experts.

Private Client

"Recently I had a difficult moment and I think I only managed to handle it without falling to pieces because of your amazing training. The way I was thinking, and the things I was looking for, and the actions I decided to take, came directly from your training."

Community Safety


Our Leadership run and contribute to, both paid and pro-bono, Community Security programmes.

Our current projects include:

  • Community Training programmes

  • Private Policing (working with British Police)

  • Private Community Security Units & Ops

Our expertise is available to those who wish to train in how to run such protective programmes and operations in their community,

community safety
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