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Corporate Self Defence Training

Personal Safety London Self Defence follows the ethos of enhancing individual human capabilities through advanced training in whole behaviours: how you're physically training, how you’re thinking, how you’re behaving and how you’re strategising.

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We know from our own training that Self Defence and Personal Safety, if studied properly, is one of the most empowering and strategic subjects you can train in as a foundation for physical, emotional and mental resilience. How?

In previous posts on this blog we've looked at how our right to safety is a basic human need. With those foundations of meeting our basic human needs in place we create security and stability for ourselves and can more easily flourish.

When we are concerned with meeting the human needs of a large group of people, such as a staff-team, workforce or a community, we want the group to flourish together.

As with all basic human needs, we need to work at getting these needs met. This means taking the time and self-care to train, learn and up-skill.

Corporate Personal Safety & Self Defence Workshops: What does that up-skilling do?

At Personal Safety London we understand that up-skilling in Personal Safety & Self Defence is an opportunity for both removing fear and for gaining a wide-range of relevant human capabilities which don't often get covered in other subjects including learning about relevant contextual social trends, psychology, physiology and the neuroscience of why people behave in certain ways.

This all leads to a greater understanding and with understanding we gain more powerful perspectives.

To up-skill your Self Defence capabilities properly we don't just teach you a series of physical moves, we put the potential use of those moves into context: We operate a 5 Stage Principle of Defence, written by Personal Safety London's Leadership in which we study the 4 stages which take place in any defence or security scenario before a situation becomes physical.

We address thinking patterns, assumptions, learnt behaviours, social and cultural conditions, the neuroscience behind how we respond in particular ways and the psychology involved in the most common scenarios.

Your Physical training is taught with an intelligent and strategic disengagement mindset using tried and tested physical defence techniques which all levels of abilities can learn. The instructor team is very highly trained and also operational in security projects today so attendees can feel free to ask current and relevant questions and get up to the minute solutions and answers for issues in UK and abroad.

"Our Educational & Operational aspect brings an educational underpinning to our operations and an operational knowledge-flow to our education. At Personal Safety London we've been teaching Corporate Defence & Security training globally for over 15 years now and every session is updated to include the information we are gleaning that week from the work we do in international security, the work we do with the UK media, and our research: this information is continuously fed through to our clients via our Corporate Workshops and Talks and that's important; for the educational curriculum to be continuously relevant and available."

How to Learn

Taught in 2 Hour Workshops, our Corporate Self Defence Training takes place at your offices at a time which suits you. Designed to be easily planned into the working day and for the maximum information retention for your staff.

You can book a one-off or a series of Workshops and Lunch & Learn Talks for throughout the year to deliver a full programme to your staff in easy to learn and easy to arrange short sessions.

Subjects span from Living & Working in London, to Anti-Terrorism to Travel Safety & Security specific Self Defence, Women's Self Defence, to Street Safety and more, with bespoke training arranged by consulting with you to meet your brief.

"Brilliant instructors with a depth of knowledge and understanding" Exxon Mobil

"This is high level training in an intelligent environment" The Royal College of Physicians

"This is workplace training at its very best" HMRC

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