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Living & Working In London: Safety Talks

Corporate Personal Safety Talks run as lunchtime CPDs in businesses around London and via online class rooms for international learning.

Our most popular London Talk is our Living & Working in London Seminar which updates each week to include the latest information on civilian safety in the Capital.

What's included:

Vital information on safety and personal defence for living and working in London during a times of heightened alert.

This dynamic talk covers the do’s and dont's for keeping safe and avoiding injury, attack, theft or loss during commuting, socialising and travelling around London. Staff learn key positive behaviours for avoiding incidents and important information for navigating to and from work amongst heightened terror alerts and increased street incidents.

Gain tools for increasing your awareness and principles of assessment for maintaining personal wellbeing whilst understanding the evolving stages of threat situations. Safe protocols are explained for you to put into practice both on a daily basis and in the event of a risk scenario.

This talk comes highly recommended, staff leave the session with a greater understanding of how to keep safe with workable tools which can be applied to everyday life.

What do you need:

Bring notepads and pens to maximize your learning as this information will not be handed out as reading material however it is augmented with our series of popular Corporate Security E-books.


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