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Family Personal Safety & Security

Children's' personal safety and cyber safety is at the forefront of most parents minds as we see our children having to navigate an ever increasingly violent youth society and engage with a world of technology most parents feel shut out of.

As big believers in education which empowers we know that taking the time to learn, understand and upskill both yourself and your children can relieve the day to day worry and empower families to function as a unit, tackling together matters of day to day personal safety, safe cyber practices and travel safety.

It doesn't take long to learn: a carefully crafted Learning Weekend or series of Home Workshops is enough to start putting great new practices of safe living into your home and family unit. With school holidays coming up and the search for enriching activities which the whole family can do together consider putting a day or two aside to upgrade your Family abilities and awareness for safe living.

How We Help

Living securely does not mean living fearfully.


For the last 10 years we've been training families around the world in personal safety, self defence, travel safety, emergency response and secure living, in an empowering, fun and informative way, and once we've trained you we're here to support you whenever you need us with free call-in and email advice.

Security Services

With international close protection, discrete cover and emergency response teams, international tracking services and secure travel companions, we've given parents peace of mind whilst their children travel for educational trips, gap years or friends-groups summer holidays.

This year we've brought these two approaches of training + security services together to provide a complete and wholistic Family Safety package which everyone can benefit from. See below for whats new, our list of dynamic new learning topics and how our dedicated Family Security Managers can help you.

What's New in 2019

We've now taken our Families Safety one step further to provide our unique "Home, Life, Work, Travel & Tech" wraparound care in which we train all family members, asses your homes in UK and abroad, upscale your systems, train and support you in cyber security, increase your travel safety and build safe protocols for your daily routines to maximise your family safety and your day to day peace of mind.

Supported by expert Instructors, high level close protection teams, cyber and kit specialists, and your very own appointed Family Security Manager you can benefit from a completely comprehensive approach to your Family Security.


Choose from individual subjects or benefit from a Bespoke Fully Comprehensive Package in the following:

· Personal Safety family learning

· Self Defence Training for all the family

· Security Principles & Protocols Training skills for life

· Family Emergency Training what to do in an emergency

· Family Medical Emergency Training what to do in a medical emergency

· Travel Safety for all the Family

· Cyber Security family learning

· Enhanced DBS Security Teams providing Close Protection, Secure Drivers, Secure Travel Companions, Secure Social Entourage and Secure Family Chaperones

· Family Security Concierge and Project Management Services

· Specialist Kit provision of trackers, tech, travel safety kit and more

· Secure Trip Management full travel security management of your trips

· Family Event Management full family event security management for parties, family holiday and special occassions

· Family Security Manager your very own Family Advisor appointed to look after all your Family modern Safety & Security needs.

To Book

Call us to speak to your team on 0207 642 0872 or email to book a telephone consultation

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