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Travel Safety Talks and CPDs

Our interactive Business Travel Safety seminars take you through the preparation, planning, packing, traveling, arriving and being on location to returning safe back home protocols you can apply to all your trips.

Distilled down to simple do’s, dont’s and easy to follow instructions to instil safe practices to all your travel both business and pleasure, you will leave this seminar with tools you can use for life.

We take the fear out of travelling to difficult locations and explain clearly the practices to follow before travel, whilst you travel and what to do in an emergency. We cover general travel and location specific, with the team equipped to answer all your questions.

We discuss the latest trends, how to avoid them and provide good advice on kit, tools, apps and tech to make your travel as stress free as possible.

Learn about the benefits of our Travel Files and how you can make and use one for every trip, and understand how to use it to get to safety should you need to.

This is an empowering talk designed to inform you and support you. Bring notepads and pens to maximize your learning.

To book the talk email us or call 0203 642 0872

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