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Educating in Cyber Security: CPDs and Talks

Making the world of cyber security accessible to all our clients, this educational seminar taught by some of the UK’s leading cyber security experts teaches bite-size manageable chunks of vital information on various cyber security topics every employee should know about to help maximise your company’s cyber security.

You will learn key behaviours, good practices, and safe protocols for all to follow.

Understand how the greatest risk is not knowing there is one: how to detect breaches, how to avoid them, what to do if you suspect a compromise and how not to panic.

Learn from leaders in the field of anti-hacker and penetration testing whilst they share their top tips and best practices to help you navigate the growing demand for online and information safety.

This talk is suitable for all staff to attend or can be tailored for your specific corporate group.

Bring notepads and pens to maximise your learning. Expect question and answer, discussion and fast paced learning.

To book the Talk email us or call 0203 642 0872

Visit our website at

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