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Keep Safe During Moped Crime

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In the midst of the current moped crime, smash-and-grab trend and threats of carjacking we've been working with journalists to spread the word on what to do to avoid these issues whilst you're out and about in the U.K. You can see some of these articles in our News on our website or visit the links at the bottom of this page.

In this article we list what you, your friends, family and colleagues can do to help keep safe during this time:

Keep Aware

Awareness is key. We’re seeing too many people walk about with headphones in, listening to music and using their mobile phones in the street. Not only is your phone desirable to thieves, the use of it whilst you are out and about reduces your spatial, audio and visual awareness. Pop it in your inside pocket or carry it in a body-pocket or running belt so it’s out of sight. If you need to use it step into a shop or café to make your call.

If you need to use apps for navigation do your route mapping and travel planning before you start your journey.

Be Vigilant During Travel

Most people think travelling to and from work is the time to relax, listen to music and scroll though social media. Instead, it’s atime to keep vigilant, whether you’re walking, on public transport or in a car.


Keep alert: keep good audio and visual awareness by:

1) not listening to music or speaking on your phone in the street

2) visually looking several blocks down the street and around you

3) watching people-movement as well as vehicle-movement

as you carry out your day to day journeys.

If you see or hear people approaching from a distance, on foot or on mopeds, you have a better opportunity to move away and to a safe space.

For those driving vehicles:

1) Keep an eye on your mirrors so you can see threat approaching from behind and at angles

2) Keep your doors and windows locked

3) Drive with distance between you and the car in front of you so you can pull out of traffic and change direction if you have to.

4) keep your vehicle in good working order at all times, topped up with oil, water and petrol

5) Know your routes so if you have to navigate without your sat-nav you know where to go.

Consider your Vehicle

If you're concerned about smash and grab or your school run being interrupted we recommend armouring your car. Not as exotic as you think, you merely pop your car to a team of specialists for a couple of hours who apply a protective film to the inside of your driver and passenger windows. The film, if the window were to be impacted, helps to prevent the glass from breaking. If breakage does occur the film then holds the glass fragments together. This allows a good 40 seconds of protection until it gives way, providing a considerable amount of time to drive to safety. The London provider for this is a lovely family run business called Autoshades who you can contact here >

* [ Personal Safety London does NOT run an affiliate scheme with the manufacturer, supplier or installer so if you think this would be useful for you please contact the installer yourself on the link at the bottom of this article. Thank you. ]

Keep Distance

The further you are from a threat the safer you are. Keep your distance from people, groups or vehicles which look suspicious or are carrying out attacks.

Report suspicious or violent behavior to the police, from a safe distance and a safe place.

Know the areas you live and work in so you can safely run away from trouble and know where you are running to.

Further Advice

If you need further advice or training on this topic contact us at Personal Safety London

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