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Quick Tips on Holiday Travel Safety

One of the most important things you can do prior to going on holiday is get prepared. That means having the right kit, the right documents and the right knowledge - not just on what to do but also knowledge on the environment you are going to.

Make sure you have studied a good map, know your transport interchanges and routes out of your location, know your options for leaving and arrange to carry your belongings in such a way that leaving in an emergency can be done quickly. Here's some key tips:

  • Do your homework before you choose a holiday location. If it is in an area of unrest or likely to be target location then consider another option.

  • Once you've booked your holiday make sure you have good travel insurance.

  • Prepare yourself with a knowledge lesson about your location: don't leave it to your travel company or tour guide to show you around. Get the map out before you go, google information on transport interchanges, know route options and understand the cost of tickets for travel - you may need cash handy.

  • From your location knowledge select a family meeting point somewhere you could all meet if you split up as a group.

  • Map your itinerary: that means leaving a complete description of where you are going and when and how with a family member at home, a friend, a neighbour or a work colleague. Somebody at home needs to know where you are.

  • Get your documents ready: photocopy your passport, tickets, visas, medications list, drivers licence x 3. Keep one set on you at all times along with the phone number of the British embassy of the country you are heading to. This means someone at home should have a copy along with your itinerary, you carry a copy and you can keep a spare copy in your bag. The real documents put in your hotel safe or similar safe space. The copy you are carrying is what can get you out of the country without having to go back to the hotel, if the hotel is not safe.

  • Pick a good carrier: there are plenty of body pocket, sports belts, travel carriers to carry your documents on your body wherever you go. Feel carrying it would be too uncomfortable? Try getting out of a location you don't want to be in without it. Put up with discomfort for safety.

  • Follow your intuition and keep aware: if something doesn't feel right, its not right. Act safely before something occurs by MOVING away, even if you think you're being paranoid - if you have that gut feeling, trust it.

Consider having some in-depth Travel Safety Training, we run private afternoon intensive training, online coaching and consulting, plus Corporate Talks and Workshops. Once you've learnt all our Travel Safety Principles you can apply them to all your future travel to enable you to feel confident and safe.

For more information for all travel or personal safety contact us at:

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