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Safety In The City _ 5 Vital Tips

1) Keep Aware

As you move around the City be aware; you must have good visual and audio awareness.


Do not listen to music or use your mobile phone for conversations or use of apps in public spaces.

The recent launch of Pokémon apps etc are a worrying distraction in a time when you need to be keeping aware in urban and public spaces.

Keep your phone on your person, charged, for calling for help but as you move about keep your eyes and ears open and look further down the street and around you than you normally would.

2) Listen to your Intuition

Your gut feelings and intuition are key to your safety. You can pick up vital information via your body intelligence. The more aware you are the more you can feel the warning signs, and the more you pay attention to your intuition the stronger it gets.

If you have a bad feeling about walking down a certain street or leaving a crowded area, follow your own advice and MOVE.

3) Know How to Navigate Crowds

Don’t get caught up in slow moving crowds. Keep to the periphery and know your exits. Keep your belongings on your person, not in a bag, incase you need to move swiftly, you should be carrying your phone, money and house keys on your person, not in your bag.

Keep track of loved ones so you’re not running around looking for each other and if you’re going to a crowded event make sure you know the layout of the space and have an established meeting point outside the venue which you can relocate your group at.

4) Know Where to Locate in Public Buildings, Restaurants and Public Spaces

Know your exits and keep them within reach. Don’t position yourself in wide open spaces or locations away from exits or without cover.

Think about where you would run to and what you could hide behind. Don’t leave things to chance, approach your environments strategically to be safer should something happen.

5) In the Event of an Attack

Get Out and call for help. MOVE.

Notice it before it’s too late, that means paying attention at all times.

If you find yourself in the middle of a scenario get away as quickly as possible and call the authorities for help.

  • If it’s a knife attack you want as much distance as possible.

  • If it’s a firearms attack you want cover and exit.

For both instances you can get training to help you know what to do, how to exit effectively, how to “cover run” and the principles of RUN, HIDE, TELL.

Often we find people worried about their abilities to fight off an attacker. If you’re not trained or physically capable then don’t attempt it.

Everyone now should be engaging in at least some basic self defence lessons and personal safety strategy training.

Remember, the best thing in all situations is to MOVE, in a safe way, to safety.

If you need advice call us to talk to one of our team on 0203 642 0872 or you can email us at


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