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Highly Trained Male & Female Teams


                       "Brilliant instructors with a depth of knowledge and understanding."  Exxon Mobil


                                                                                   "Training provided by experts"  Yahoo



The Personal Safety London team is group of very highly trained individuals and a carefully selected collective of the top safety and security providers in the UK, bringing together the best people and services in to one place. High standards, ease of service and world class provision.


Corporate Defence Consultants | Safety Advisors | Travel Consultants | Self Defence Instructors Krav Maga Instructors | Hostile Territories ExpertsRoyal Marines | High Threat Medics | Weapons Specialists | KEWAP Instructors | Security Personnel & SpecialistsVetting Specialists Equipment Specialists | Psychologists & Recovery Experts | Learning & Development Experts





What makes Personal Safety London unique?


  • The exceptional levels of expertise available 


  • The collaborative nature of the organisation - it ensures clients and members have access to the best people and services


  • The focus on training, equipping and empowering each individual it trains

  • The emphasis on practical, physical training and psychological tools. This is hands-on training delivered by experts

  • It's unique training academies ensuring its staff, teams and personnel have access to the best defensive training for creating real-life response skills



Personal Safety London teams are highly trained and highly educated.

All staffing, programme creation and Instructor training is overseen and led by PSL Leader Kirsty Henderson. PSL trained instructors undertake a minimum of 5 years intensive study in full-contact training, development and teaching at a specialist Instructor Training School.


Other subject-specialist staff are hand-selected from security services, military, education sector and London's top universities.


Partnering organisations provide specialist services as leaders in their fields.



Aim and focus of the Defence Teams

The aim and focus of Personal Safety London Defence Teams is to provide the very best of self defence and personal safety training for all levels of environment with the focus on empowering each individual we work with to be able to act, react and think clearly. 


Aim and focus of the Security Teams

The aim and focus of Personal Safety London Security Teams is to provide the highest level of wrap around security care to our clients, expert advising and to ensure our clients have access to the best information and personnel the industry has to offer.


Leader: Kirsty Henderson BArch Hons Dipl A (Dist), CEO


As Founder and Leader of Personal Safety London since 2009, K Henderson has led 10 years of operations from domestic security to anti-kidnap, remote team deployment and corporate business stability. She provides corporate defence, travel safety and anti-terrorism civilian education, advising and project management to the top organisations in the world. As Head of PSL Kirsty leads defence teams, security advisors, cyber security and close protection teams in international corporate and private deployments. As well as leading operations she is Head of PSL Training and Recruitment; with over 25 years of advanced physical and mental training she holds several Black Belts, was trained in Japan to top World Ranked level, is a former GB squad competitive fighter, a GB squad coach, an Instructor in Israeli Krav Maga, a KEWAP Instructor, a senior UKMAA Instructor and a PSL Specialist Defence Instructor. She runs her own Instructor Training School for the staffing of PSL, is the founder and President of award winning FRT Mixed Martial Arts Academy at which she has coached individuals to English, British and World Championship titles and is owner of Five Rings Training & Research Institute which focuses on advancing individuals through rigorous training programmes.   


A former Business Director in the Construction Industry Kirsty has led projects of up to £400 million in international construction. She has worked for over 20 years in Construction and Security, holds 3 University Degrees, speaks and consults to key correspondents and organisations worldwide, and is regularly consulted by the UK media for her advice and comment on UK civilian security. She has lectured in Security and International Construction and advised on the rebuilding of cities and infrastructure post war (Belgrade, Afghanistan).


Team     "At all times professional and well organised, extremely impressed."  MET Police

Personal Safety London was established in 2009 as a Specialist Defence Unit for London to train staff, individuals and businesses to be highly effective in matters of personal safety, defence and corporate business stablility both in the UK and abroad. 


Since then the Unit has expanded to provide training and security services worldwide and now works with the top organisations in the world, government, schools, universities, police, forces and private individuals.

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