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Specialist Defence & Security

Advanced Self Defence  |  Psychology Training  |  Practical & Theory


Self defence and safety training for high risk scenarios, advancing skills, awareness and capabilities


  • Private Group Training

  • Seminars and Talks


Advanced physical defence training


Psychology training


Situational training


Physiological response training


Knowledge & understanding

Specialist Training & Services         "Brilliant instructors"  Exxon Mobil

Specialist Defence


Specialist subjects for high risk scenarios:


  • Specialist Self Defence Training

  • Weapons Awareness

  • Weapons Defence

  • Disarment

  • Third Party Defence

  • Strategy & Communications


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Half Day & One Day Specialist Defence Courses for Hostile Environments:


  • Specialist physical defence

  • Psychological training

to safely navigate, cope within and remove yourself from hostile environments. 

Absolutely critical for those going off the beaten track or working within high risk environments.                          


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Understanding Risk


When we understand the principles and patterns we are better equipped to strategize prevention, reduce risk and intelligently respond to threat scenarios. These talks and coaching seminars break down the physics, psychology and sequences of threat situations to better equip you, remove fear and increase your ability to respond.


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Bespoke Training


For private groups, corporate staff, police, forces and private security teams:


  • Intensive Half Days

  • Programmes to designed to suit your skills needs

  • Advanced physical and psychological training.

  • Booked at a time and location to suit you.                     


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How to Book:
  1. Contact us by phone or email: 0203 642 0872 or

  2. We'll help advise on training which is right for you.

  3. Pick your preferred dates and location.

  4. We'll send you a booking pack.

  5. Confirm your booking and our teams will be scheduled, ready for your training.


Physical Advancing: Training
  • Specialist Defence
  • Krav Maga
  • Weapons Awareness
  • Disarment
  • Strategic Training
  • Third Party Defence
  • Police Training
  • Hostile Environments
For more subjects visit our Private lessons and Corporate training pages
Knowledge Learning: Talks
Order Talks for your organisations:
  • The 5 Stages 
  • Risk Typologies 
  • Engagement Principles
  • Spatial Sequences 
  • Spatial Principles 
  • Psychological Archetypes
  • Physiological Response Management
  • The 4 Principles of Functionality
  • High Stress Management
  • Patterns, Sequences & Intention
  • Crowd Physics
  • Built Environment Secure by Design
  • Strategic Building
Personal Safety London locations:
  • London
  • Sussex
  • Surrey
  • UK wide on request
  • World wide on request
Services are available UK wide and Worldwide on request                            
0203 642 0872  
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