Personal Safety for Schools during Covid

Personal Safety Education Curriculum for UK and US Schools during Lockdown

What’s New for Schools

Personal Safety Learning is fast becoming vital curriculum for schools across the globe.In our 11th year of delivering Personal Safety Education to schools internationally here’s what we’ve put together for Lockdown Learning and Remote Study to make personal safety learning engaging, empowering and fun whilst studying at home:

Live Talks with Experts

Our normal curriculum of current and relevant Live Talks & Seminars is now available live online for your school to book 60min, 90min and 2 Hour Talks and Seminars for your pupils to dial into from home to learn from experts and have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss key and current topics.

To book an online Talk email your preferred duration, date and time and we will email you within 12 hours with our up to date availability:

Audio Personal Safety Podcast Lectures

For those who are Teamed out and Zoomed out, our Audio Personal Safety Lectures give pupils a chance to listen to engaging talks on the vital topics of Street Safety, Travel Safety, Safe Socialising, Cyber Safety, Relationship Safety and many more subjects whilst giving pupils much needed optic rest for better wellbeing and vision health. Delivered in short, timeless and highly informative Lectures by our top experts, some of whom are TED and global speakers, these podcasts can be listened to at anytime throughout the academic year.

Access to the Audio Library is gained via an app link specifically for your pupils and you can choose the number of user links to suit your school's learning needs. Contact us for access at:

"our Audio Personal Safety Lectures give pupils a chance to listen to engaging talks whilst allowing for much needed optic rest and vision health"


For those of you contacting us to book our award winning Personal Safety & Self Defence Workshops, please note during lockdown and schools closures your school can join our waiting list for the post-lockdown dates-release in which we will release available dates for our self defence contact-training. In the meantime you can additionally reserve particular dates for 2021 and 2022 and if you have to change the date due to Covid we will move your training to another later safer date with no extra charge ensuring you will keep both your booking and your training!

Book your workshops dates now or join our 2021 waiting list by emailing us at:

Visit us at and for more info and join our Safer Schools Community.

Personal Safety London Awarded

"Best Corporate Training Company 2019" and "Training Company of the Year for 2020"