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Personal Safety Podcasts: Staff Training

Contact us about our Personal Safety Podcasts for your staff training if you need to upskill your full workforce but cannot allocate time for group or in-person training.

Each Personal Safety Podcast suite has 8 x 15 min podcasts, 2 Hours of learning, which can be listened to at any time and revisited when needed enabling staff to receive learning without disrupting workflow.

The Personal Safety Podcasts are deep learning Skills for Life Programmes from our award winning team at Personal Safety London which empower your staff with vital tools, awareness and knowledge in Personal Safety and Travel Safety.

For companies requiring a bespoke approach we offer unique specifically recorded Audio Suites with tailored content and all learning is supported by our live in-person sessions, Personal Safety e-books and on-call advice.

Why Audio Podcasts?

The use of Audio Podcast in E-learning is vital as we move towards greater need for reduced screen-time to enable overall better physical, emotional and mental health. Throughout the Podcast Suites your staff get to know and listen to our experts who are on hand to visit your offices to connect with your staff in-person, host Q&A sessions and provide on-call advice.

How does it Work?

Contact us at with your number of staff and we will send you a Podcast Suite Topic Menu and Price Plan.

Alternatively, feel free to request a free telephone consultation to discuss in detail your organisations' needs.

Personal Safety London

Global Award-Winning Personal Safety Training, since 2009

Tel: 0203 642 0872

For more information on our services in global Corporate Personal Safety, Travel Safety, Self Defence and Security visit:

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