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Staff Personal Safety Podcasts: CorporateTraining

Our new Personal Safety Audio-Learning enables staff to access Personal Safety, Travel Safety and Staff Security as anytime-learning AND reduce screen-time.

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Why Audio Podcasts for staff Personal Safety learning?


The use of Audio Podcast in E-learning is vital as we move towards greater need for reduced screen-time to enable better physical, emotional and mental health.

The Personal Safety Podcasts are deep learning Skills for Life Programmes from our award winning education team which empower your staff with vital tools, awareness and knowledge in Personal Safety, Travel Safety and personal security. Each Personal Safety Podcast suite has 8 x 15 min podcasts, 2 Hours of learning, which can be listened to at any time and revisited when needed enabling staff to receive learning without disrupting workflow.

Throughout the Podcast Suites your staff get to know and listen to our experts who are on hand to visit your offices to connect with your staff in-person, host Q&A sessions and provide on-call advice. For companies requiring a bespoke approach we offer unique specifically recorded Audio Suites with tailored content.

What else is available in Corporate Staff Personal Safety Training?

For live training at your company we provide multi-award winning Corporate Staff Training programmes which include:

Personal Safety Talks delivered by UK Security Experts

Corporate Self Defence Training

Travel Safety Training

Staff Support Sessions for live incidents

Cyber Security Training

Training is delivered at your offices or live-online, by leading experts in their fields, at a time which suits you. Read our client experiences and who we work with at our Corporate and Clients pages on our website or click here for Personal Safety London clients.

To book training or security services for your company, visit our Corporate pages on

"We had a lunch and learn presented by Personal London Safety Team and it was great, the London Office got a lot from it." Zendesk
"Can honestly say as training sessions go that was one of the best things ever attended." Australia National Bank
"Fantastic course. Great trainers, patient and helpful. Learned a lot, both practical and theoretical. Thank you." Amethyst Risk
"I have organised a number of “Wellness” sessions over the past few years and this one was the best attended so I am delighted. The session was incredibly informative and delivered so well." Morgan Lewis
staff personal safety audio learning

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