Audio Podcasts: Online Learning designed to Reduce Screentime

With Working From Home now the new norm we've taken a healthful approach to our Online Education at Personal Safety London by building all our usual Talks, Workshops and Seminars into online Audio Podcasts so your staff can continue to upskill in all areas of our Theory content in Corporate Security, Travel Safety and Staff Safety Life-Skills.

Why Audio Podcasts?

As you'll see from our previous post we're also running Live Expert Online Seminars which your whole staff community can dial into to benefit from time Live Online with our experts. In addition to this we're distributing Personal Safety London "Theory Podcasts". These are concise Courses of 8 x 15mins audio podcasts which explain in detail the theory and vital information at the core of our work and teaching. Your staff can log into these at any time and listen to them away from their laptop, whilst out walking, or whilst relaxing back and resting their eyes.

As we are all working from home now, the use of the Audio Podcast in Elearning is vital as we move towards greater need for reduced screen time to enable overall better physical, emotional and mental health.

Days of meetings in person, coffees with staff members and colleagues, discussions over lunch and time away from screens has been replaced by all work and contact being via screens and we therefore need to offer staff further ways of E-learning engagement which enable getting up and moving around whilst resting from visual concentration.

How does it Work?

All our Podcast Elearning is in alignment with our usual Talks, Workshops and Seminars so expect to be able to receive the same theory information, content and protocols you'd receive on any of our Live in-person Training.

Each topic is a Course: each Course is 8 x 15mins segments of Elearning which your staff can access and listen to at any time.

Purchase per user number, right now we're delivering Courses for up to 100 Users, for up to 1000 users, up to 5000 users and over 5000 users with prices per user per course, so you can choose how many staff members you wish to distribute to and pay for only the number of users you want.

How does the Tech Work?

You have two options for access for your staff:

1.If you have your own company Elearning Platform we license the seed files directly to you for posting on your internal platform and from there they can be accessed by your staff at any time.


2. If you don't have a company Elearning Platform we'll provide you with a link to ours for your staff to access the podcasts.

How to Arrange:

Simply email us at and we'll arrange for you straight away.

Why It's important to Reduce Screentime:

For those in charge of Company Elearning and Online Learning Programmes it's important to employ staff engagement tactics like Audio Podcast Elearning which also reduce screen time for a host of health and productivity reasons. Here's a few:

1. Audio podcasts enable staff to get up and walk about or listen on the go, instead of being committed to view a screen for learning. From circulation to health energetics, posture to breathing correction, there are plenty of reasons the physical body needs to move throughout the day and any form of learning should include promoting movement for staff who are laptop or screen based for most of their day's work.

2. Continual screen time negatively affects the frontal lobe cortex which for decision making and forward and strategic planning we need to keep in good health.

3. Reducing screen time can improve eye health, reduce headaches and improve your sleep. It can also increase your focus and productivity overall.

4. Instilling good healthy habits into staff day-design helps staff communities to build healthful behaviours for home working. Alternating periods of visual concentration with audio listening and walking is a healthful way to do this. Ask us more about our Walking Lectures series which is part of our Audio Podcast Elearning programme.

For more information on Corporate Training globally in Security, Staff Safety, Travel Safety and Defence visit:

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