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Live Expert Online Seminars

As part of our E-Learning Programmes our most popular current model is our Live Expert Online Seminars:

1.5 Hours long with additional time for Question and Answer, these live seminars enable your staff to log-in with us from anywhere in the world and benefit from time online Live with our Expert Instructor and Consultant team.

Following the format of our Corporate Training Workshops we take you through all the theory and content practical tips of our programmes in Security and Personal Safety for your staff, as well as key life principles, safe company protocols and insights on the bigger picture. All our theory topics are available in this format and are delivered in our signature style of interactive teaching.

Why is this format so popular and what are the benefits?

1. With hybrid working and difficulty of gathering large numbers of staff in-person, we're finding the interactivity of these dial-in learning sessions to be paramount to staff community and morale.

2. Learning is fun, informative, interesting and engaging. Those of you have already trained with us know the personability of our expert team who work tirelessly to share their knowledge with you as effectively as possible. Your staff teams get to log in and speak with them direct, learning in a discursive online environment.

3. It's easy and quick to arrange: simply email us at, we'll discuss the topics which work for you, arrange a date and time which suits and we'll be ready for your training.

How does the tech Work?

You have two options for delivery:

1. We will send you a link to join us on Zoom.


2. We will teach directly on your company e-learning platform and dial in to your preferred link to deliver.

To Book:

Email us now and / or request a call and we'll contact you to arrange your training.

Find out more at

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