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The Top 5 Public Concerns in Personal Safety

Across the scope of our Personal Safety training worldwide, here are the top 5 concerns about civilian safety and what you can do about them:

  1. Street and road crime. How to keep safe travelling to and from work.

  2. Travelling abroad safely. How to keep you and your valuables safe no matter where you go.

  3. Keeping your information safe. How to apply cyber safety and information flow protection in your daily work and private life.

  4. Anti-Terrorism. What to do in the event of a terrorist attack.

  5. Boundaries, Intimidation, Harassment & Conflict Resolution. How to handle and report difficult situations before they escalate to physical abuse.

What you can do:

A common misunderstanding in Personal Safety and Self Defence as a subject matter is that people wrongly believe that if they are presented with a dangerous situation they need to somehow “manage” or “resolve” it.

A further misunderstanding is that in order to do that one must be strong, aggressive, forceful and confident that they can physically handle a situation. Due to the changing culture of urban violence and street crime, handling situations physically is not always possible due to groups or weapon carriage being involved, so it's a smart approach, and one which can be added to your physical training, to hone your 3 I's:





We get information through training, education, knowledge imparted from experts and being aware of our environments.


By training, developing, strengthening and applying our intellect we are able to think and act strategically. This is the number one tool for coping in any situation because if the intellect can govern the emotions, the mind can control the physiological responses of fear, enabling you to take strategic action.


Our intuition can provide us with environmental and timeline information if we allow it and enable it. Learning about how to do this and how to act upon intuition is a key component of early response, avoidance and prevention.

As Self Defence Experts we know that our physical training is used as a last resort and the application of our intellect, strategy, knowledge and information is our first line of defence.

To see how we apply these 3 I’s to each of the above top 5 topics and how you can learn effectively through the following mediums click on the links below or contact us to find out more:

For Corporate Teams and Groups

1 Hour and 90 min Talks to staff teams

2 Hour Intensive Workshops

Half Day Training Programmes

For Individuals

Online Personalised Tutorials

Private Personal Safety & Self Defence Training Workshops

Our Useful links:

  1. Street and road crime

  2. Travelling abroad safely

  3. Keeping your information safe

  4. Anti-Terrorism

  5. Boundaries, Intimidation, Harassment & Conflict Resolution

To speak to our team contact us at

Find out more at:

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