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Boundaries, Intimidation, Harassment & Conflict Resolution Workshop

How to handle and report difficult situations before they escalate.

In personal safety, in the space between discomfort and physical assault can exist a confusing zone of mixed messages, crossed boundaries, harassment, bullying and intimidation. Perhaps someone’s comments are “off”, perhaps you feel uncomfortable around someone but they haven’t really done anything, yet. In these scenarios the situation hasn’t become physical, but it doesn’t feel good. If you're experiencing this you might be asking yourself is it inappropriate or not? Should you complain or tell someone, or try to manage it yourself?

This Workshop examines the grey zone of inappropriate behaviour, the breaching of boundaries and how to handle situations which are in opposition to your personal wellbeing or safety, and have not yet become physical.

If a situation does not feel right, it is not right.

The awareness, boundary setting and expert psychological, linguistic and physical tools taught in this half day workshop empower your staff to be more confident in themselves and their roles at work as they learn to manage difficult situations with greater ease.

Learn how to:

Assess a situation clearly

Set appropriate boundaries

Apply tried and tested protocols taught by our expert team

Communicate effectively

Reaffirm your boundaries

Verbally, Physically, Emotionally and Psychologically disengage effectively

Know when to report a situation and how to report it

Take Action without Emotion

Upskill with tools for:

Strategically resetting and strengthening of breached boundaries

Disengaging comfortably

Understanding how to take action when a situation becomes unacceptable before it becomes intolerable

A high proportion of both men and women, with a higher percentage of women, have experienced a non-physical situation in which they felt discomfort, intimidated, bullied or harassed, but felt powerless to do anything about it.

Learn vital and strategic psychological, linguistic and physical life-tools to overcome harassment, conflict or inappropriate behaviour both within and outside of the workplace.

This workplace training takes the form of a Half Day Intensive Interactive Workshop for teams of up to 30 per workshop.

Full Day and Residential Two Day Programmes available by consultation.

To book for your team contact us at

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