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Anti Terrorism Talk

This informative civilian-security talk gives key understandings of movement protocols during heightened terror alert and in the instance of a terror attack. Learn about crowd theory, urban evacuation, correct use of public transport, access and egress in urban environments, where to move to and key cover and escape tactics.

Learn about behaviours to look out for during periods of heightened alert, how to increase your awareness and how to react at early warning signs. Understand how to position yourself in public spaces, events and buildings when out and about during terror alerts.

Know how to communicate information effectively, how to be prepared to remove from a location urgently and how to get help.

This information is key life skills which can be applied in any country of travel, following fundamental principles of security you will learn organisational, preparation and awareness skills you can apply throughout life.

Bring a note pad and pen to maximise your learning. Expect discussion, diagrams of fundamental principles, question and answer and information on the latest kit and tech.

To book the talk emails us or call 0203 642 0872

Visit our website at

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