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Learn About Street Safety

This up to date seminar discusses all the latest items in the news and media which are at the peak of the public’s concerns: from knife crime to smash and grab, moped crime to terrorism. Personal Safety London works with the BBC, SKY NEWS, LBC, BBC radio and many more to help bring the public safety awareness. Hear about the latest discussions and what you can do to keep safe during times of alert.

Learn the psychology and typologies of the current trends, how to avoid them, what to do if you witness them, what to do if you are approached and how to get to a point of safety.

Learn the latest kit, tips and tactics our own security teams are currently using and understand the importance of psychological disengagement and distance principles.

A topical mix between current issues and the fundamental principles of defence, this seminar will give you more than an overview of personal safety issues. Expect interactive team-work, scenario playing and discussion.

To book the talk call 0203 642 0872

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