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Led by leaders in their field and home to a collaborative network of the best security professionals in the UK, Personal Safety London's Security Unit provides full wrap around security care, advice and bespoke solutions to our clients and their families at home in the UK and abroad.


  • Highly discreet and confidential

  • Specialist teams

  • Expert provision




We provide high level teams and bespoke solutions to our clients in UK and abroad. 

Our teams are highly trained and led by experts in their fields. 

All client communications are discreet and

highly confidential.     



Fully Comprehensive

We provide a bespoke personalised approach to your security selecting the best teams for each job and managing your projects with the highest levels of professionalism.


From Close Protection to Asset or Event Security, private advising to ant-kidnap, our leaders and teams are on hand to consult and help you where you need intelligent solutions and honest advice. 

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Defence Security


Unique to PSL is our Defence Security.

Defence Security Personnel have gone beyond their security training to gain the physical and mental skills to enable them to cope in today's increasingly violent urban environments.


Partnered to Five Rings Training for its rigorous and award winning training in defensive capabilities, our DS Teams are trained in Krav Maga, weapons training and FRT's award winning full contact curriculum.

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Close Protection


Personalised Discreet Solutions for your family, staff and VIP's protection.

We work with the top close protection units in the UK to provide our clients with the very best personnel and team solution possible.

We assign you a personal Project Manager to take you through the processes and look after your concerns, manage your assigned team and make your experience seamless and stress-free.

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Event Security


Raising the standards of Event Security


We work with top UK Event Companies and Providers.


We assign personnel we consider over qualified for the job to ensure the standards of PSL event security are above industry standards.Our teams are carefully selected and project managed to ensure seamless wrap around care at your event.


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3 Pen Testing


Benefit from our comprehensive penetration testing which covers the 3 aspects of:


  • Building

  • Cyber

  • People


Work with our selected consortium of Defensive Architects, Cyber Security Experts and Security Analysts.


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Advising & Consulting


Expert advice in all areas of security.

Whatever your concerns you can contact us to discuss how we can help.

We will advise the areas we can assist in and assign the right personnel, experts, specialists and team leaders you need. 

All client communications are highly confidential. 

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Assessments & Surveys, Profiling and Environmental Risk Assessments.

In-depth reports and surveys to help you understand your opportunities for reducing risk.


  • Business

  • Asset

  • Building

  • Organisational 

  • Environmental                       


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Specialist Kit & Services


Networked to a host of the top providers in the UK we now make the specialist kit we use available to our clients too. 

From trackers to training kit, money carriers to cctv, safe corridors to spy cams, anti-corrosive first aid to travel go-bags, we can help you source the items you need to make your day to day, business or travel run more smoothly.

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Specialist Security
  • Discreet Close Protection
  • Wrap Around Care
  • Anti-Economic Kidnap
  • Cyber Security
  • Penetration Testing
  • Defensive Security
  • Defensive Architecture
  • Consulting & Advising
  • Emergency Response
Our Teams
Our teams are led by both military and civilian security experts with a wealth of experience and knowledge.
Our teams are built of personnel who have graduated from our rigorous training academies and t hand-selected specialists from the top security organisations in the UK.
Private & Family Security
We provide full wrap around care for families, providing:
  • Security & Defence Training for all family members 
  • House Assessments 
  • Security Surveys
  • Discreet Cover
  • Home Services
  • Systems Pen Testing
  • Secure Chaperones
  • and more...                                                    
Contact us for a free confidential telephone consultation. 
Community & Environments
We provide teams to secure your buildings, assets and environment.
Contact us to discuss confidentially.
Specialist Kit 
Speak with equipment specialists to bring you the latest news on equipment, kit and advice on what works best for travelling:
  • GPS Trackers 
  • Communication devices                                             
Vetted Travel Companions
For those traveling alone and wish a travel companion to join them we have opened our new secure vetted travel companion service as well as offering the provision of 
qualified CP bodyguards, sourced from one of the UK's top organisations.
  • Vetted travel companion
  • Secure chaperoning (bodyguard chaperone)                                           
Email our team: 
Call on:
0203 642 0872                 
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