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personal safety self defence

personal safety self defence


Self Defence

Krav Maga

Specialist Defence

Weapons Awareness

Weapons Defence

Personal Safety Training 






Strategic Protocols

Psychological Training

Private Training                                  "Extremely impressed."  MET Police

One to One Self Defence |  Private Groups  |  Families  |  Specialist Defence


Practical, physical training as well as vital information to keep you safe. Increase awareness, learn new skills, build confidence and avoid risk. Empowering effective Skills for Life.


  • Expert Physical Self Defence Training

  • Personal Safety Awareness

  • City Awareness

Private Individual & Group Lessons

One to One Self Defence


2 Hour Private Lessons


Book an Expert Instructor to privately teach you (and your friends) at a time and place which suits you. 

Practical physical training with easy to use techniques and vital information to increase your confidence and safety. Starts £120phr


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Family Training


Regular 2 hour lessons

Family Days

Friends & Family Days


A great way to get the whole family trained together. Training as a family has many benefits from engaging the children in life skills training at an early age to instilling full familiy safety protocols which become second nature in the home and travelling to and from school.

Contact us for a free telephone consultation.                        

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Specialist Training


For individuals in police, security, forces, NHS or organisations working in risk environments


Specialist Training is for those working in risk or conflict environments and covers issues such as:

  • lone worker safety

  • conflict resolution

  • weapons awareness and defence

  • strategic training




Half Day Intensives One Day Courses


Book for your group or family and learn self defence and safety skills for life.

Engaging and confidence building, benefit from bespoke courses designed to your interests and needs. Starts £350 per half day /

£150 per person.


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Home Learning


Home Learning Packs

Downloadable E-books

Home Educators


We help facilitate home education with safety learning packs for kids and adult teaching packs.

Contact us to find out how we can help you educate your children in safety and improve their awareness and confidence.


Suitable for home group learning.


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Women's Self Defence


Taught by Expert Female Instructors

Private Lessons | Talks | Seminars

Private Group Workshops to order


We run an elite women's training unit for all matters of female safety, defence and recovery issues. All training is booked to order so please call us to request a FREE telephone consultation on 0203 642 0872 or email


All training and client details highly confidential.

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All lessons are arranged privately to order: 
  • Adults' private lessons
  • Family Days
  • Childrens' private lessons
  • Womens' self defence
  • Private group training
Training is physical & theory
Suitable for all ages & abilities
Male & Female Expert Instructors
  • Street safety
  • Safety in the home
  • Safe socialising
  • City Awareness
  • Voice Command
  • Anti-bullying
  • Get home safely
  • Internet safety
  • Pre-University training
  • Specialist
           see more @ specialist >
Availble at any location on request.
Come to us and train in:
  • London
  • Sussex
  • Surrey
  • Worldwide on request           
Schools UK & International
Visit our schools page to see what we can offer your childrens' school.
  • Pre-University Training 
  • School Talks
  • Staff & Parent Workshops
  • School Leaver Training
  • Confidence & Resilience
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Womens Self Defence
Available in UK and abroad on request.
  • Talks
  • Seminars
  • Private Lessons
  • Private Group Workshops
Women In The City Safety Event
Canary Wharf 25th November '15
  • Safety Advice
  • Self Defence Workshop sign-up
  • Security Advice
  • Travel Safety Abroad
  • Open Question & Answer
0203 642 0872 
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